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We're n-Gon

A Pentagon has five sides or facets, Hexagon six, Octagon eight and so on. These can also be referred to as 5-Gon, 6-Gon or 8-Gon respectively. Where there is an unknown number of sides or facets we apply the mathematical 'n' for number. We are n-Gon, an ever evolving collection of facets.

Solution Provider

The key? Our faceted approach which is based on the multi-disciplinary ethos of providing integrated and coordinated services through a collection of varied but complementary experience, qualifications and skills that contribute to achieve a specific objective, being your success!

Design, print, publish and 3D visualisation. We are the n-Gon Group – a growing collection of facets, or divisions, working together to offer you a co-ordinated, all-inclusive, creative package.

We bring together our skills and experience to provide a complementary range of services, including graphic design, brand concept and design, website development, offset and digital printing, book and magazine publishing, and 3D design, visuals and printing.

We are one company with interconnected facets, working together to form an awesome multi-disciplinary team when you need the expertise of multiple creative heads to get the job done.

Our cohesive approach draws together creative and technical brilliance, so we can achieve the best possible inspired solutions for clients.

Any company working independently has its own strengths and weakness and may not always have all the answers or resources to meet all the questions or needs for all their clients' requirements. Therein lies the basis of our faceted approach. We recognise the principle of "Jack of all trades yet master of none" … We believe in having the 'masters' working in their discipline and area of expertise, providing the service for which they have the passion - Only then will unrivalled service and quality be achieved.

This is not a group of individuals trying to do everything by themselves but rather a group of industry specific operations that provide full solutions through utilising each other's skills and expertise. Teamwork fosters camaraderie and sharing. With effective and disciplined facets, each contributes their best work, supports others, and enables the highest quality, timely service and cost-effective completion for clients.

Why Choose Us

We are not a "Jack of all trades and master of none"! We have specialists in their respective industries, doing what they do best!


Creativity across all facets, is one of the cornerstones of our business.


Projects, large or small will always be given the same attention to detail.


Each of our facets have their own industry specific team with years of experience.


Each facet is dedicated to providing the best possible service at all times.

Solutions Provider

With our wealth of in-house knowledge, we are pretty sure we have the solution for you.


We are constantly looking at how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.

Did You Know

Some cool facts that you may or may not know
The sentence "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" uses every letter in the English alphabet
It's possible to lead a cow up stairs but not down
the word laser stands for 'Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation'

Typical Process We Follow

Working together to achieve awesome results

Analysis & Planning

We will meet with you, at your place or ours. Listen to your requirements and determine which n-Gon facet (or facets) would be best suited to achieving your needs - There is no guess work necessary by you. You will have a single point of contact, irrespective of which facet (or facets) we assign to your project. It's about maximising our potential to maximise yours.

Design & Development

Once we fully understand your requirements, we will provide quotes and once approved, get the design under way. Proofs will always be provided, typically, electronically but on occasions if we believe it would be in your best interest, for whatever reason, we may request another meeting to present the designs. During the design phase, our production team will be working on "the how" to meet production requirements.

Supply & Support

After receipt of your jobs, we don't see this as "service complete" and like to remain in contact to ensure what we have developed for you is fulfilling the intended task and if necessary, assist with future plans and strategies.

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Introducing our facets

A fully integrated collection of industry specific businesses

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